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Exciting Advances in Vehicle Tech Are Just Around The Corner

While we may not be whizzing through the sky like George Jetson did in his car, automotive technology is moving ahead at a pace that’s far more rapid than most of us anticipated. With vehicles now being known more as simply computers on wheels, getting behind the wheel is...
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7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

Although gasoline prices aren’t nearly as high as they were a few years ago, the fact is that many drivers are still focused on fuel efficiency and looking for any possible ways they can lower their gas costs. For some, this ultimately leads them to the decision to purchase a...
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Making the Case for Synthetic Motor Oil

So, you think you know your motor oils? You know what SAE stands for. You know how to interpret the numbers before and after the “W”. When cars pull up next to you at a traffic light, you think “that’s a cool 5W30” or “what a nice 10W40”. Even if you don’t know the science behind...
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3 Problems Worn Suspension Systems Can Cause

While we can talk about the many components that propel a vehicle drive down the road, one of the most important systems in a car for the comfort of the occupants is the suspension system. It helps to diminish the shock of potholes, obstacles and countless other potential road...
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4 Types of Routine Maintenance for Your Car’s Wheels and Tires

No part of a vehicle is as important to a smooth drive as the wheels of a car. The rubber and metal that creates these components represent the single points of interaction where your vehicle meets the pavement, which in turn allows them to influence everything from fuel economy...
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4 Common Causes of Check Engine Lights

The Check Engine Light (CEL) is one of the most commonly illuminated indicator lights on any given vehicle. This light can illuminate when there are one or more errors, as reported by a vehicle’s diagnostics, present with the performance of a car. The problem with this...
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The Fascinating Saga of The Air-Powered Car

A Vision For The Future? In recent decades, as long term environmental problems associated with auto emissions and global warming gained wider public attention, some talented inventors have searched for ways to design “greener” vehicles with a reduced carbon...
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Teen driver

Tips on Buying a Car for Your Teenager

You probably met the day that your teen received his or her driver’s license with a mixture of joy and trepidation. On one hand you don’t have to drive your teen to every sporting or social event, while on the other hand your worry about safety. When the time comes to...
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Your Car: A Computer With Wheels? Auto Cybersecurity in The Future.

A Digital Automotive Revolution Have you noticed a surprising number of high tech “smart” gadgets in your car lately? Today, a mini-revolution continues within the automotive industry. Auto trade shows become platforms for displaying the overlap between ingenious...
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Honda Odyssey Recall

Honda Odyssey Recall

Recalls are an unfortunate and seemingly inevitable part of the auto industry. It seems that no matter how much testing and quality control is done on the factory and shop floor, nothing can perfectly and accurately predict how a brand new automobile will fare on the road. Often,...
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