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Car Collection

The Jay Leno Garage: An Impressive Car Collection

Jay Leno has a $350 million net worth, with about 14 percent of that figure of his earnings from the Jay Leno Garage, a museum housing more than 135 impressive cars the comedian owns. Add 90 motorcycles to the collection as well. The former late-night show host is more...
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Are Performance Upgrades Worth the Money?

Depending on what type of car you drive, there may be a huge aftermarket of performance parts available. Many of the Japanese brands like Honda and Acura have a large variety of aftermarket parts. Honda’s have an especially large cult following of drivers who will continue...
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New car tire

Are Expensive Tires Worth the Upgrade?

Tire manufacturers are working harder than ever to find a niche that makes their tires superior over other brands. These engineered tires are being designed for specific vehicles and weather applications. And although so many computer engineered and exotic expensive tires are...
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Car buying

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Car

More people are buying vehicles than ever before, with an estimated 17.2 million cars and trucks being taken home in 2018 alone. While the majority of drivers are happy with their purchases, some buyers do end up regretting what they invest in. If you’d like to avoid this...
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Do We Really Need New Cars?

For all the safety improvements of new vehicles, the accident statistics continue to remain the same. This doesn’t say a lot about all the money that manufacturers are making on improvements. The more improvements that automakers make, the more dangerous drivers will become...
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auto manufactures

Is There Really a Big Difference Between Manufacturers Today?

Similar Technology and Safety Features The automotive world continues to consolidate technology by sharing engineering across platforms. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly tearing down each other’s vehicles and looking for solutions to their own engineering hurdles in...
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autonomous cars

The Technology of Automobiles

The cars of today are loaded with high tech devices that make driving safer and more convenient. These vehicles have infotainment centers and alarms to notify you of an impending collision. Some even apply the brakes automatically if the computer determines a collision is...
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Car Maintenance

How to Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New Forever

The dream of every car owner, when they buy a new collectible vehicle, is to keep it in pristine condition for a long time so that it retains its value. Imagining that they can meet this lofty goal and actually doing so are two distinct issues. Keeping your vehicle running like...
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The Progression of Automotive Oxidation and How to Prevent It

Rust is something that is more commonly found in states that are impacted with heavy snowfalls. When they coat their roads with salt or a brine solution, it produces a better electrolyte to initiate oxidation. Living near the ocean also exposes your vehicle to a heavier salt...
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The Growing Problem with City Dealerships

Car dealerships in densely populated areas face a growing problem. The problem is that the zoning and high price for property forces them to work out of an isolated space that is not sufficient to meet the needs of product demand as brands become more popular and repairs become...
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