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The Modern Car and Why You Need a Smarter Mechanic

Cars have evolved throughout the years. They are no longer as simple or straightforward as they were when Henry Ford introduced the Ford Model A in 1903. They have a slew of components working in unison to provide an incredible experience for drivers. The part that becomes...
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auto dvd player

3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have

Having the perfect import vehicle tends to be about more than just the make of car that you drive. Certain features make a car considerably more valuable. The trick is that some of those valuable features may be available in the form of aftermarket add-ons. These car accessories...
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Electric cars vs gas cars

Electric vs. Gasoline: Chevrolet spark vs the Ford Fusion

Gasoline has long been the most accepted form of powering an automobile. The most luxurious cars tend to have power and fuel efficiency carefully balanced in a delicate way to maximize the potential of the automobile. Cars like the 2016 Ford Fusion represent a good example of...
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oil change in raleigh

Neglecting Car Maintenance: How the Little Things Add Up

Cars are amazingly intricate machines. They bring countless separate systems together to create something that can get you to different places reliably while maintaining a high level of comfort. Though cars are created from durable materials such as steel, these does not mean...
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Car repair misdiagnosis

Extreme Car Trouble Misdiagnosis: What It Is, and How You Can Avoid It

Cars are amazing pieces of machinery. They have raw power, the ability to deliver a smooth ride, and a long list of driver- and passenger-friendly features that make them second homes while you’re away from home. The problem, however, is that their complex nature often...
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Millennials And Technology Change The Auto Industry

Today, the rise of innovation has created significant market disruptions in many industries. The Millennial generation grew up with advanced computer and mobile capabilities, and the shopping and purchasing habits of members of this youthful generation appear likely to transform...
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Engine Lubrication

Engine Lubrication Protects Your Vehicle

Today consumers face a dizzying array of automotive products designed to help maintain engines in great condition. Remembering to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle remains one of the easiest, yet most basic, ways to help extend the lifespan of an engine. Why...
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Autonomous Auto

Autonomous Autos Head for the Highways

Will Your Car Be Smarter Than You? Several major car manufacturers have developed self-driving autos and have announced their plans to develop cars that would enable drivers to truly multi-task while they drive. Current projections suggest it will be feasible for cars to...
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3D printing

Will We Be Driving 3D Printed Cars in the Future?

Audi Steps Forward with 3D Printing There have been plenty of rumors that high-end car manufacturers are turning to 3D printing to push the envelope to create tomorrow’s auto, but who exactly uses this new technology? Audi for one has been feverishly working with 3D printing and...
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