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Do We Really Need New Cars?

December 16th, 2020
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For all the safety improvements of new vehicles, the accident statistics continue to remain the same. This doesn’t say a lot about all the money that manufacturers are making on improvements. The more improvements that automakers make, the more dangerous drivers will become as they rely on the technological safety edge instead of general safe driving habits. Furthermore, if we really wanted to reduce the risk of fatalities, we would stop producing compact and subcompact cars in general. We would build cars that had a lot of mass and held up well in impacts.

Public Transport

If we really wanted to improve emissions, safety, and transportation in this country, we would have built a lightning-fast train network long ago. The bullet trains, like those in Japan, would make transportation across state lines and even intrastate extremely efficient. Our large buses are not very efficient for driving around town. We simply don’t have enough small buses to make numerous quick stops. Nor do we allow buses to travel fast enough to keep pace with the aggressive time schedules of city residents. If you go to other countries, you will find public transport that is both efficient, fun, and economical.

Truly, to own a car is an American experience and basic necessity. We live in a vast and sprawling landscape that is inhospitable without our own personal chariots to zip us from spot to spot. The statistics in states like Texas, where extensive studies were carried out to determine the number of single occupancy vehicles, suggest that Americans lack a sense of communal values. We don’t carpool very often and are extremely paranoid of strangers.

Are New Cars a Scam?

A new car is a scam because the value of a new car depreciates faster than you can blink your eye. A brand-new vehicle can depreciate by as much as 11 percent in the first year and may lose half of its value after just three years. When you consider how the market is being manipulated by banks and monopoly dealerships, it is easy to see why buying a brand-new car is never a smart investment.

The evidence couldn’t be any clearer when you look at how modern motor oils and synthetic lubricants have the power to extend the life of any combustion vehicle infinitely. Of course, because it is so easy to finance a new vehicle and so hard to sell a used vehicle for a respectable price on the private market, Americans are stuck on a debt treadmill and can’t get off it.

The entire financing scheme is a psychological marketing trick. The companies actually hire statisticians to examine how consumers would respond to various marketing methods. It is possible to state two factually equivalent statements in a different manner and produce two completely different results.

Learn the Value of your Car

For example, if I tell you that a plane crashed down in London and only 3 people were killed and a dozen injured, this may not seem so horrible when I put it like that. However, if I add just a little detail and tell you that a small plane crashed down in London with 15 passengers on board. Also, that a dozen were critically injured and 3 already have succumbed to their injuries, the outlook looks rather bleak.

The marketing geniuses have us indoctrinated and easily manipulated to do what superficially appeals to us in the moment rather than having us consider anything with deep wisdom. They know how to omit certain keywords to have us look at the beautiful fraud rather. Than the grave and dark truth. No matter if you are breaking up that $30,000 brand-new car into 60 monthly payments or not. You are still shelling out a lot of money for something that is already obsolete. That few shops will know how to maintain once the warranty expires.

New Cars

Someone who is savvy and considers the problem will seek out the right mechanics. They will find a car repair shop that provides them with exceptional preventative maintenance and shun the dealerships. It is too easy to go into a dealership for a major repair. Also, drive away with a new vehicle instead. They simply show you that you’ll have to pay $1,500 to have the repairs done. Or that you can take the new car and pay no money down by simply trading the vehicle in. Also, paying only $350 each month thereafter.

The marketing solution is just wonderful until you consider how much money they are skimming off your wallet. This happens each month and the perpetual loop of dependence they are creating. In fact, the dealerships are taking such powerful control of their monopolies. Also, that many are selling cars way above the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). They have created a consumer behavior through legalized frauds and manipulation. Now, they are progressively sucking their customer bases dry as. They find new ways to slowly ease you into a deal and pad up the prices.

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