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Auto Preservation Tips

April 8th, 2020
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Thanks to computer engineering, so many new materials are coming out to help you preserve your vehicle for decades without spending a fortune. Synthetic Lubricant is at the top of the auto preservation list, that’s for certain.

 Surprisingly, auto manufacturers don’t seem to care as much about obsoleting their products. They know that the majority of Americans will continue to upgrade frequently to the latest models simply for the technology features.

Nevertheless, there is not much of a difference between driving the latest models and vehicles that are older. That is, if you are someone who likes to drive for the enjoyment of it. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that you can use to extend the life of your automobile below.

#1: Synthetic Lubricant

Synthetic lubricant is amazing. One of the critical factors that reduces the effectiveness of conventional oils is the impurities. Because there are so many paraffin waxes and other contaminants in conventional oil, it does not perform as well as synthetics under extreme heat.

The oil will burn up in spots and create hotspots in the engine of the vehicle or transmission. As a result, these parts are not being cooled down and lubricated properly. The final result is excessive wear and premature failures.

Synthetic lubricants are very homogeneous at a molecular level and clean. This allows them to perform properly in any temperature or extended duty cycle. Because they are not failing to perform in certain hotspots, they are offering full protection. This is why the Mobil 1 full synthetic oil was able to eliminate wear altogether when it was run in a BMW for a million miles on a dyno.

Replacing your transmission fluid, motor oil, and differential gear oil with a compatible synthetic lubricant can extend their lifespans indefinitely. Heat destroys transmissions, engines, and differentials. And because synthetic lubricant is much cleaner than the old conventional stuff. They do not build up the carbon deposits and wax deposits like the old conventional oils tend to do.

#2: Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films (PPF) are the latest marvel to hit the automotive world. Paint protection films are like a beefed-up clear coat that can be peeled off and replaced. The beauty of this thermoplastic is that it is self-healing. It can take the impact of road debris and light scratches without reducing its finish. You can simply apply a heat gun to watch it return to its original state or let it heat up on its own and settle into place.

In fact, PPF can even absorb the impact of hail and freezing rain pellets. Much like a bulletproof vest, the energy can be dispersed throughout the film barrier without focusing pressure into your automobile. This second skin can add a second life to your vehicle and keep it in mint condition for resale. It is like buying those classic collectible toys and never taking them out of the box.

#3: Sealants

These wax alternatives have been on the market for some time now. Some consumers don’t go for the natural luster that these sealants can bring out and like the warm, waxy glow of Carnauba wax. Nevertheless, sealants have come a long way. They can create a barrier to protect your paint finish from weather and corrosion.

Preserve your automobile’s brilliance by having car paint sealant applied to it.

They can also block UV radiation that quickly dulls the color of paint jobs. Sealants can also be applied to high-temperature parts, such as exhaust parts, and can be used to protect your wheels from the buildup of brake dust.

Most of these sealants are silicone-based polymers that are manufactured in the lab to perform a certain way. While some people complain that the silicone can embed itself deep into the pores of the paint, which makes repainting difficult, sealants can be used on areas other than the finish or on top of a paint protection film for additional UV protection.

#4: Nano-Ceramic Tint

The latest method for keeping your interior from baking and fading out from the sun is nano-ceramic tints. These tints can be sprayed on in a thin layer that is transparent. Not to fret, this Nano-Ceramic tint is completely compatible with factory glass of all shades.

 It is also available for purchase as an actual window film. The Nano-Ceramic window film is virtually crystal clear. Believe it or not, this high tech window film completely blocks approximately 99% of the UV rays that typically  penetrate windows. Of course, everyone knows UV light rays that are harmful to skin. They contribute to skin wrinkling, sun damage, and the development of skin cancer.

 Additionally, this high-tech window film will reduce the need for excessive use of air conditioning in the summer. As well as prevent that new upholstery from baking.

 Nano-Ceramic tint will help to block out the UV and infrared radiation coming through your car windows.UV are the harmful rays that cause cancer and premature aging of the skin. No one wants wrinkles, let alone premature & preventable wrinkles! Why not take advantage of this amazing technology? Not only does it aid you in looking your best but also protects your big investment, your automobile. Furthermore, Nano-Ceramic window film helps keep you and your passengers more comfortable by keeping the temperature inside your vehicle down.

#5: Laser-Measured Floor Mats

These are custom-measure floor mats that cover your entire floor area in front of each seat. The mats will catch any spills and grime and stop it from soaking into your rug. It is expensive and time-consuming to shampoo carpets if they do happen to soil. Why not make this small investment that will ultimately pay for itself as well as keep your carpets under virtual glass. Laser-measured floor mats will protect your rugs from kids, spilled drinks, mud, and whatever else you may track into your vehicle during harsh weather.

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