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The Growing Problem with City Dealerships

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Car dealerships in densely populated areas face a growing problem. The problem is that the zoning and high price for property forces them to work out of an isolated space that is not sufficient to meet the needs of product demand as brands become more popular and repairs become...
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Electric Vehicles

Car Manufacturers Keep Stalling on Electric Vehicles

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Regulations Are Progressing Toward Mandatory Electric Vehicles  The emission regulations being set by the United States and echoed by the international market trends are seeking to bring about the demise of the combustion engine. Britain and France led the clean energy revolution...
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Automotive Planned Obsolescence

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The car industry is becoming more and more disposable as car manufacturers look to juice the highest profit-margin possible from the populace. Due to the specialization of auto repair, few shops are capable of carrying out the extensive make and model repairs needed to keep autos...
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Old Cars Never Die

We live in an era with modern cars with their technology, smooth lines, and the “Look at my GT-R!” lifestyle. We must admit that new cars are a thing of beauty and technology. They are safe, comfortable, and have electronic everything. Year after year, we witness...
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Exciting Advances in Vehicle Tech Are Just Around The Corner

While we may not be whizzing through the sky like George Jetson did in his car, automotive technology is moving ahead at a pace that’s far more rapid than most of us anticipated. With vehicles now being known more as simply computers on wheels, getting behind the wheel is...
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The Fascinating Saga of The Air-Powered Car

A Vision For The Future? In recent decades, as long term environmental problems associated with auto emissions and global warming gained wider public attention, some talented inventors have searched for ways to design “greener” vehicles with a reduced carbon...
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auto dvd player

3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have

Having the perfect import vehicle tends to be about more than just the make of car that you drive. Certain features make a car considerably more valuable. The trick is that some of those valuable features may be available in the form of aftermarket add-ons. These car accessories...
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Millennials And Technology Change The Auto Industry

Today, the rise of innovation has created significant market disruptions in many industries. The Millennial generation grew up with advanced computer and mobile capabilities, and the shopping and purchasing habits of members of this youthful generation appear likely to transform...
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Autonomous Auto

Autonomous Autos Head for the Highways

Will Your Car Be Smarter Than You? Several major car manufacturers have developed self-driving autos and have announced their plans to develop cars that would enable drivers to truly multi-task while they drive. Current projections suggest it will be feasible for cars to...
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