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Engine Repair

Six Reasons Why You May Need Engine Repair

Engine Repair When engine problems occur, this can dramatically impact the performance of your vehicle. In some instances, you will ultimately be left stranded along the side of the road. Here’s a look at the six most common reasons for engine repair. Overheating If your...
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Automobile Enthusiasts

Automobile Enthusiasts Beware: Five Modifications You Could Regret

Automobile Enthusiasts Beware Many car enthusiasts eventually get the urge to modify their automobile. Unfortunately, not every change is a good one. Here are five modifications you could end up regretting.Extra-Wide Tires Wider tires can enhance your car’s aesthetics by giving...
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GMC Sierra

Watch Out for These Five Known GMC Sierra Issues

Five Known GMC Sierra Issues The full-size GMC Sierra is a big, comfortable truck. It’s also tough enough to handle a hard day’s work. While this pickup can last for a long time when properly maintained, don’t expect it to be completely bulletproof. Here are five known...
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Lexus Car Maintenance Tips

Five Critical Lexus Car Maintenance Tips

Lexus Car Maintenance Tips Unlike some luxury automotive brands, Lexus has a long history of producing extremely dependable vehicles. It puts a greater focus on long-term reliability as opposed to sheer driving excitement. Nevertheless, routine servicing is of the utmost...
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2024 Ford Mustang

American Muscle: The 2024 Ford Mustang Could Be a Must-Buy

2024 Ford Mustang With the Chevrolet Camaro soon to be discontinued and the Dodge Charger expected to go electric, the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang will be in a league of its own. Driving enthusiasts in Raleigh will love this car’s exciting performance capabilities and...
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Buying a Car From a Private Seller

Buying a Car From a Private Seller? Auto Mechanics Warn to Watch Out for These Sneaky Problems.

When Buying A Car From A Private Seller….Watch Out For These Sneaky Problems When buying a car from a private seller in Raleigh, you have the potential to negotiate a great deal. Although you stand to save a lot of money, proceed with caution. You don’t want to become the...
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Car Model

Top Car Models Scheduled to Be Phased Out

Top Car Models Scheduled to Be Phased Out Some exciting new vehicles will soon hit the market. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few fan favorites that are scheduled to be discontinued. Here’s a look at the top car models that will be phased out in the near future. Nissan...
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Chevrolet Camaro All Makes & Models

Five of the Best Upgrades for your Daily-Driven Chevrolet Camaro

Five of the Best Upgrades for your Chevrolet Camaro It’s no secret many Chevrolet Camaro owners like to modify their vehicle. Unfortunately, some mods can have a negative impact on a car’s everyday drivability. Reliability also tends to take a big nosedive. Here are five of the...
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