Five of the Best Upgrades for your Daily-Driven Chevrolet Camaro

Five of the Best Upgrades for your Chevrolet Camaro

It’s no secret many Chevrolet Camaro owners like to modify their vehicle. Unfortunately, some mods can have a negative impact on a car’s everyday drivability. Reliability also tends to take a big nosedive. Here are five of the best upgrades for your daily-driven Chevrolet Camaro.

1. Premium Tires
When it comes to tires, it’s never a good idea to go the cheap route. This is especially true if you want your Chevrolet Camaro to deliver the optimum driving experience. High-performance tires will prove to be a great investment. Not only will handling improve, but your car will also be able to stop quicker.

Your best bet is to purchase a quality set of all-season performance tires. While summer tires are great for hot weather, they don’t perform nearly as well in the winter. Colder Raleigh temperatures will cause the rubber compounds to stiffen, thus reducing traction.

2. Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Don’t hesitate to upgrade your Camaro’s braking system. In an effort to cut manufacturing costs, Chevrolet equips most Camaro models with rubber brake lines. This ultimately limits brake response. Upgrading to braided stainless steel brake lines is a decision you won’t regret.

Because stainless steel brake lines don’t flex, they are able to transfer the maximum amount of pressure to the brake pedal. You’ll be able to better feel the brakes working when coming to a stop. Furthermore, braided stainless steel brake lines naturally lasts longer.

3. Replace Worn Suspension Bushings
Mounted on a car’s suspension and steering joints, bushings are designed to absorb noise and reduce harsh vibrations. Worn bushings can cause trouble than you may think. Aside from making your Camaro’s front end more likely to slip out of alignment, deteriorated bushings can also accelerate tire wear.

If your Camaro is approaching 100,000 miles, there’s a good chance its stock bushings have taken quite a bit of abuse. Chevrolet uses rubber bushings, which gradually dry-rot over time. Consider swapping out the factory rubber pieces with a fresh set of high-performance polyurethane bushings. Although you may feel just a bit more road vibrations, your steering and suspension will be noticeably more responsive. Driving enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the enhanced sense of control.

4. Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar
In an effort to enhance their car’s cornering capabilities, some Camaro owners opt to install a lowered suspension. Unfortunately, they are often forced to sacrifice ride comfort. An adjustable anti-roll bar can also enhance your car’s handling without any negative effects.

This performance part essentially connects both sides of the car’s suspension for decreased body lean. You will ultimately be able to attack curves with greater confidence. In comparison to an aftermarket suspension setup, an adjustable anti-roll bar is far more affordable.

5. Transmission Cooler
Experts consider heat to be the top killer of Chevrolet automatic transmissions. When taking laps around the track, temperatures can rise quickly. Even if you don’t plan to compete in any racing events, you’ll greatly benefit from an external transmission cooler.

A quality transmission cooler will give you greater protection when navigating stop-and-go traffic during the summer. Overheating of the transmission will no longer be a concern.

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