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Watch Out for These Five Known GMC Sierra Issues

Five Known GMC Sierra Issues

The full-size GMC Sierra is a big, comfortable truck. It’s also tough enough to handle a hard day’s work. While this pickup can last for a long time when properly maintained, don’t expect it to be completely bulletproof. Here are five known issues that Sierra owners in Raleigh should watch out for.

AC Refrigerant Leak
When on the road during a summer heatwave, you’ll likely need to turn on your truck’s A/C. If the unit isn’t blowing out cold air, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak. The best approach is to have the pickup inspected by a certified automotive technician.

It’s common for certain Sierra models to experience a cracked A/C condenser, which ultimately causes refrigerate to gradually escape. This issue is believed to be a GMC factory defect. Over time, the rubber hose that connects the compressor to the condenser is also prone to rupturing. To no surprise, hose replacement is far less expensive.

Bad Fuel Level Sensor
If you’re planning to buy a pre-owned GMC Sierra, make sure it’s gas gauge is working. Not knowing how much fuel is in the tank is more than just a nuisance. This issue could cause you to become stranded on the side of the highway.

While the gas gauge may be in perfect condition, a bad fuel level sensor will cause it to stop working. Unfortunately, the fuel level sensor isn’t easily accessible. To replace this part, mechanics will have to go into the gas tank.

Failed 4WD Selector Switch
Many Sierra trucks are equipped with a 4WD system. This traction-enhancing feature is a must for folks who often venture off the beaten path. If you begin to have trouble shifting into the pickup’s 4WD mode, there’s a good chance the transfer case position sensor has failed.

This part can either become contaminated by dirt or fail due to normal wear and tear. A fault code is then triggered. To precisely pinpoint the problem, a GMC mechanic will need to perform a diagnostic test.

Clunking Noise from the Steering System
When your truck’s steering system starts to produce a clunking sound, this can be a scary experience. Luckily, the issue is unlikely to put your safety at risk. To quell the noise, GMC recommends applying a special lube to the upper intermediate steering shaft.

The bad news is that the clunking sound may reappear at some point. If so, you may want to invest in an upgraded steering shaft.

Engine Failure
The Sierra’s available 6.2-liter, V8 engine is known for delivering a beastly performance. It enables drivers to confidently haul big loads. Sadly, this muscular engine has a tendency to experience lifter failure.

According to GMC experts, the problem stems from the automaker’s Active Fuel Management system. By deactivating engine cylinders when full power is not needed, the feature is able to curb fuel consumption. However, it can cause the lifters to collapse in the process. If the powertrain begins to make a tapping sound, don’t wait to take your truck to the shop.

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