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Toyota Camry TRD

Toyota Camry TRD: A Fast and Fun Family Sedan

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The Camry has long been known for being a safe, dependable family hauler. Unfortunately, this popular sedan lacked driving excitement. To satisfy driving enthusiasts who yearn for more fun, Toyota now offers the race-bred Camry TRD. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the new...
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Are Performance Upgrades Worth the Money?

Depending on what type of car you drive, there may be a huge aftermarket of performance parts available. Many of the Japanese brands like Honda and Acura have a large variety of aftermarket parts. Honda’s have an especially large cult following of drivers who will continue...
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Simple Tips For Improving Your Vehicle’s Performance

Now that you have done the research, gotten the financing and left the dealership in the comfortable, stylish, technologically advanced automobile you wanted, your focus has now switched to performance. While having an incredible looking car, truck or SUV is nice, the ultimate...
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