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Buying a Car From a Private Seller? Auto Mechanics Warn to Watch Out for These Sneaky Problems.

When Buying A Car From A Private Seller….Watch Out For These Sneaky Problems

When buying a car from a private seller in Raleigh, you have the potential to negotiate a great deal. Although you stand to save a lot of money, proceed with caution. You don’t want to become the owner of a vehicle that needs a lot of repair work. Auto mechanics warn to watch out for these sneaky problems.

Oil Burning
Oil Burning is a common problem that occurs when worn engine parts need to be replaced. Oil begins to seep into the combustion chamber, thus putting the catalytic converter at risk of being damaged. Replacing this component can be a big expense. Of course, the vehicle will also start to consume oil at a noticeably faster rate.

When performing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, auto mechanics will use a few tricks to check for oil-burning issues. For starters, they will be looking for blue-tinted smoke blowing from the exhaust. A greasy tailpipe is another red flag.

Bad Wheel Alignment
Over time, it’s not uncommon for potholes and bumpy roads to knock a car out of alignment. When a vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment, drivers will often encounter uneven tire wear. The car may also become difficult to hold in a straight line.

To be on the safe side, hire an auto mechanic to check out the car before giving the seller any money. By driving the vehicle and inspecting it, they can determine if any repairs need to be made. Worn wheel bearings, ball joints, and other suspension parts can all cause trouble.

Rusted Parts
Even if the vehicle still looks shiny and new, there could be some hidden issues. When testing out a pre-owned car, it’s always a good idea to check for rusted parts. Excessive rust on the vehicle’s frame should definitely be a dealbreaker. Because the frame is responsible for supporting the vehicle’s mechanical components and body, it must remain strong at all times.

Heavy corrosion can also indicate other issues. If the car was previously been involved in a flood, you could have a major headache on your hands.

Transmission Issues
It’s often difficult to notice transmission issues on a first drive. This is yet another reason why you should allow an experienced auto mechanic to perform a pre-purchase inspection. He or she will be able to point out subtle issues. A delayed response in gear shifts is a definite red flag.

It’s also important to evaluate the condition of the transmission fluid, which should be pinkish with a sweet smell. Black transmission fluid indicates poor upkeep. Meanwhile, transmission fluid leaks often stem from a bad gasket that needs to be replaced.

Hidden Trouble Codes
Although the vehicle may be running strong with no check engine light, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any hidden issues. Deceptive sellers can temporarily erase trouble codes by disconnecting the car’s battery for a few seconds.

With the use of a professional scan tool, an auto mechanic can tap into the car’s onboard computer. They’ll know exactly how well everything is functioning. The extra peace of mind is well worth it.

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