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Automobile Enthusiasts Beware: Five Modifications You Could Regret

Automobile Enthusiasts Beware

Many car enthusiasts eventually get the urge to modify their automobile. Unfortunately, not every change is a good one. Here are five modifications you could end up regretting.Extra-Wide Tires
Wider tires can enhance your car’s aesthetics by giving it a more aggressive stance. They also help improve lateral grip, thus enabling an automobile to corner more aggressively on the track. Furthermore, drivers are able to accelerate quicker when drag racing.

Think twice before installing extra-wide tires on your daily-driver. Water dispersal isn’t nearly as good. During rainy weather, you’ll be more prone to experience hydroplaning. Wider tires also have a higher rolling resistance. This means a greater load is placed on the engine, thus decreasing fuel economy.

Dramatically Lowering Your Car’s Suspension
There are some advantages to lowering an automobile’s ride height. For starters, handling can improve. You’ll likely experience less body lean when taking sharp curves. However, don’t make the mistake of overdoing it.

If the suspension is lowered too much, there’s a good chance the car’s ride comfort will suffer significantly. Traveling on washboard and potholed roads will cause you to feel every bump. Lowering also modifies the geometry of your wheel-tire fitment, which often leads to accelerated tire wear.

Getting a Performance Tune
Automobile manufacturers rarely tune a car’s engine to develop peak horsepower and torque from the factory. They are more concerned about long-term reliability as opposed to maximum performance. Unexpected breakdowns are less likely to occur.

Some power-hungry drivers opt to get an aftermarket tune. This calibrates the engine control module to develop peak performance. Several parameters are changed, including ignition timing and fuel pump pressure. The bad news is that the engine can be subjected to greater stress. Not only are certain parts likely to wear down sooner, but the dependability of your vehicle may suffer.

Improperly Modifying the Exhaust System
Most stock exhaust systems are a bit too quiet for serious driving enthusiasts. They can also restrict engine output. Getting a high-performance exhaust system installed can remedy these common complaints.

However, be sure to always get your exhaust work done by a certified professional. To free up a few more ponies, some people opt to delete the exhaust system’s catalytic converter. This is definitely illegal in the state of North Carolina. More toxic emissions will be released into the atmosphere. Aside from potentially getting you into trouble with the law, removing the catalytic converter can trigger your check engine light.

Installing a Performance Air Filter
Performance air filters rank among today’s most popular upgrades. On average, they claim to boost engine output by around three to five horsepower. A free-flowing filter can also give your engine a meaner sound.

Unfortunately, research shows that performance air filters can contribute to engine wear. Because of the filter’s more open gauze material, more debris and contaminants can enter the engine. If the air filter is not protected by a proper heat shield, total power will actually be lower. This is especially true when driving around on a hot day.

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