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5 Vehicle Safety Tips for New Parents

April 8th, 2020
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As a new parent it can be very stressful driving around with an infant in the backseat of your vehicle. To eliminate some of the new parent vehicle safety stress, try following a few of these simple vehicle safety tips. It could save your child’s life one day.
These tips include car inspections, reading car seat manuals, follow child safety guidelines, and most importantly, eliminating distracted driving.  Make your child’s safety a top priority and tryout our simple vehicle safety tips below.

5. Car Inspections

Car inspections are very important, especially if you are transporting an infant in the backseat of your car. Whether it’s brake pads or something as simple as power steering fluid, it is critical to have them checked out on a regular basis. Most drivers believe that if nothing is heard or made obvious than the vehicle is deemed safe. Before making any judgement on your vehicle, bring it to your local mechanic to double check your vehicle for your child’s safety and vehicle safety.

4. Put Your Child in The Right Spot

A common misconception about car seats is that they can be placed anywhere as long as it is in the backseat of your car. This is far from true. By placing your child in the middle of the backseat, you are positioning them in the safest spot in case of an accident.

 It is also critical to vehicle safety that you keep your child rear facing until they have reached the weight limit for that car seat. Facing them forward when they are not within that range can result in bone fractures and possibly a broken neck.

3. Read The Car Seats Instruction Manual

Reading the instruction manual to your child’s car seat is one of the most important things you can do for your child. When you skip reading the manual is when you start risking your child’s life from not knowing the correct way to install the seat. Just by not tightening the seat belt correctly can cause the car seat to become detached in an accident.

So, before you take off with your child in the backseat, always double check the seat in the way the manual describes. This will not only save their life, but keep your mind at ease while behind the wheel.

2. Forget The Winter Coat!

A driving safety tip that many parents are unaware of is not keeping your child in their jacket while in the car. By keeping there jacket on, you are leaving space for their seat belt to move in an accident. Having this extra space in between them could cause their ribs to break when you are hit head on. Before you start driving, make sure you double check how thick their jacket is that they are wearing. If it at all seems puffy, put their safety first and take it off to avoid severe injuries from happening.

1. Stop The Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. To keep vehicle safety your top priority as a new parent, just don’t do it! This means keeping your cellphone away and not turning around to look in the backseat. If you feel the need to check on your child, pull over and put theirs and your safety first.

 Just turning around or picking up your phone for one second could leave you open to an accident. Many people believe a simple call won’t hurt a thing. However, in reality it could put you and your child in the hospital.

Following these vehicle tips as a new parent is a sure way to put your child’s safety first. As well as potentially save lives. Whether it is by getting a simple car inspection or putting yourself away while your driving, you could easily avoid severe harm coming to your child. So before you go ahead and just hop in your car to drive away quickly. Stop and make sure you have ran these 5 tips through your head to make sure your child is safe in the back seat of your car.

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