Triangle Car Care Raleigh NC
Location 6425 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh,
NC 27612
Bobby Dunn - Owner
"I have always treated each customer
like I would want to be treated, it's no secret,
but I've built my business on it"


September 11th, 2015
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I’ve been taking my vehicles to Triangle Car Care for going on 15+ years. The service is excellent; the folks are honest and very easy to get along with and you definitely get what you pay for (and don’t pay for more than you get). Before I retired and was on the road a lot, I told my wife..”if something goes wrong with any of our vehicles call Bobby or David and they’ll take good care of you” ! I highly recommend Triangle Car Care !

These people are amazing! I can’t believe there are only 4 reviews before mine! They have fixed my car twice in the past month. Extremely reliable. As a stay-at-home mom of two small boys cost is important but not being taken advantage of is even more so! They have been honest and up front every step of the way. I am so grateful! Today they looked at my car as soon as I brought it in, gave me a van to drive and were able to fix it within 2 hours! I realize this doesn’t happen often but the last time they fixed it they called me every step of the way and saved me $ in the process! Thank you so much!

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