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Neglecting Car Maintenance: How the Little Things Add Up

September 6th, 2022
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Neglecting Car Maintenance: How the Little Things Add Up

Cars are amazingly intricate machines. They bring countless separate systems together to create something that can get you to different places reliably while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Though cars are created from durable materials such as steel, these does not mean they will continue to perform perfectly without help. They have different parts that must be maintained to ensure efficiency, performance and reliability all stays as high as possible.

Let’s examine how these little car maintenance requirements can add up to large issues.

The Case of the Chevrolet Engine

Chevrolet engines, regardless of if they’re for compact cars or off-road trucks, are designed to last an incredible number of miles. A well-maintained engine can remain operable for more than 200,000 miles.

The problem, especially with more recent Chevrolet vehicles, is that they have certain parts that will fail before the engine does. The failure of these components will accelerate the general failure of the engine and automobile as a whole.

Simple things like seals and oil filters may require replacement at routine intervals. These parts come in contact with materials that will slowly cause their failure.

As these parts degrade, they will allow things like oil to mix with the gasoline in the engine. This produces black smoke, and can foul emissions.

As these parts are left unmaintained, the wear on the engine will increase. Components like engine control computers and oxygen sensors will fail. More expensive and integral components will begin to fail until the vehicle becomes inoperable and unsafe to drive.

Other Systems Experience Similar Situations

Though engines are typically the most delicate system of a car when it comes to neglect, they are not the only system this gradual failure can happen to. Every system, from the suspension to the air conditioning system, can experience it.

This is why the most common problems with any kind of car tend to be shared regardless of the makes or models of automobiles. Neglecting car maintenance is the one surefire way to cause a vehicle to experience an early end.

The good news is that Triangle Car Care excels are diagnosing issues, maintaining your vehicle, and repairing any problems that might be found. Our skillful technicians will provide you with reliable car maintenance service that doesn’t break your wallet.

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