The Modern Car and Why You Need a Smarter Mechanic

September 6th, 2022
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The Modern Car and Why You Need a Smarter Mechanic

Cars have evolved throughout the years. They are no longer as simple or straightforward as they were when Henry Ford introduced the Ford Model A in 1903. They have a slew of components working in unison to provide an incredible experience for drivers and the need for smarter mechanics.

The part that becomes surprising revolves around just how smart cars have become. They have several components with computers designed to increase the efficiency, reliability and overall safety of a vehicle.

When these parts stop working properly, it could spell inevitable catastrophic failure for a vehicle.

Let’s explore how cars have become smarter to better understand why you need a smarter mechanic to maintain and repair your car.

One Car, Many Brains

In most modern cars, there is one large electronic brain that coordinates the actions of many smaller brains. The engine control module is an example of this in Ford vehicles.

It works with the fuel system to ensure the right ratio of fuel to oxygen is achieved, which in turn increases fuel efficiency and increases reliability of the car; it monitors engine idle speed to prevent catastrophic failure; and it keeps emissions as safe levels.

The “brain” modules in vehicles ensure that every runs properly, but these may not work properly if the car is repaired without addressing this digital aspect. Alterations to the fuel injection system may require this module to be calibrated to ensure the safe and continued function of your vehicle.

Some examples of what these brains control and coordinate include:

The oxygen-fuel mix
Engine firing and timing
Idle speed
Anti-lock brakes
Safety features like air bags
Electronic components like the horn, radio, GPS and so on
Cruise control

Why The Smarter Mechanic has Had to Evolve

The point that we want to drive home about the evolution of cars and their growing integration of digital components is the fact that the mechanic must evolve to accommodate these features. Failure to do so tends to lead to inadequate solutions that often do more harm than good.

Consider if the engine timing is off by just a few milliseconds. This could lead to the vehicle stalling, spark plugs fouling, the premature breakdown of the emissions control system, broken belts, cracked engine blocks and so on.

It can even lead to other digital components failing, which can cause catastrophic failures that put the lives of anyone in your car and people on the road at risk.

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