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How to Make Your Lexus Last for 300,000 Miles

How to Make Your Lexus Last for 300,000 Miles

Lexus is known for producing some of the most reliable luxury vehicles on the market. However, routine maintenance is of the utmost important. When neglected, any vehicle can become problematic. Here’s how to make your Lexus lasts for 300,000 miles or more.

Regularly Change the Oil

Lexus engines are built to withstand the test of time. However, you absolutely must have the oil changed regularly. When old motor oil begins to break down, it can no longer properly lubricate and protect the engine’s moving parts. This means premature wear and tear will be more likely to occur.

Fortunately, newer models are equipped with an oil life monitor. When the oil maintenance light comes on, be sure to have your vehicle serviced within the next 500 miles. Remember, it’s just as important to use the correct type of oil. Most Lexus vehicles are engineered to use synthetic motor oil, which provides maximum long-term protection.

Don’t Skimp On Parts – Stick with Genuine OEM Parts

There’s no overlooking the fact that genuine OEM Lexus parts tend to be a bit more expensive. However, the extra cost is well worth it. Genuine OEM components are typically superior in terms of quality. Manufacturing defects are extremely rare. Look forward to enjoying a trouble-free performance for years to come.

While aftermarket replacement parts are cheaper, they are often not as durable. You’ll be sacrificing a great deal of reliability in the long run. Among the aftermarket parts to avoid include belts, starters, fuel filters, and brake pads, spark plugs. If your vehicle needs a big repair, definitely don’t skimp on parts.

Lexus Vehicles Require Premium Gasoline – Always Use Only Premium Gas

While the cost of premium gas scares some people, it’s a requirement for most all Lexus models. Avoid the temptation to fill the tank with regular unleaded. Aside from experiencing a noticeable loss of performance and decreased efficiency, you also put the engine at risk of being damaged.

When too low of an octane is used, engine detonation may occur. This condition raises combustion chamber temperatures, which can damage the pistons and valves. Although the car’s onboard computer should protect the engine in most cases, the best approach is to not take any chances.

Prevent Overheating

An overheated engine can self-destruct within a matter of minutes. As soon as you notice your temperature gauge rising towards the danger zone, immediately pull over. While a number of different things can cause overheating, the problem usually results from a low level of coolant. A leaky coolant hose could be the culprit.

Have your entire coolant system inspected every year. This will enable the technicians to spot any potential problems, thus saving you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Avoid Heavy Traffic When Possible

It’s a known fact that stop-and-go traffic puts extra stress on vehicles. Unfortunately, Raleigh is no stranger to heavy congestion during rush hour. If you want your Lexus to surpass the 300,000-mile mark, try to cruise on the open road as much as possible. There are mobile apps available that will warn you of an oncoming traffic jam.

Don’t hesitate to take an alternative route. Although you may need to travel just a bit further, your reward will be a longer-lasting vehicle. You will also be able to avoid the headache of sitting in gridlock.

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