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Auto Mechanic: 7 Key Signs You Need to Find a New One

7 Key Signs You Need to Find a New Auto Mechanic

Contrary to popular belief, not every automotive repair shop is created the same. Taking your vehicle to the wrong auto mechanic can cause you to experience a great deal of stress. You also stand to waste a lot of money. Here are seven signs you need to find a new auto mechanic.

1. Auto Mechanic Doesn’t Have the Proper Credentials
Always take your vehicle to a shop that has a team of qualified professionals. Every auto mechanic in Raleigh should be ASE certified. In order to obtain this credential, a person must have at least a year of on-the-job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair. They will also need to pass an Automotive Service Excellence exam. If the mechanic working on your car does not hold an ASE certification, you’re taking a big chance.

2. Poor Reviews
Before choosing an auto mechanic, be sure to check their online reviews. When reading through the customer reviews, be on the lookout for any major red flags. Dishonesty can be a big problem among shady mechanics. They will intentionally try to deceive customers for financial gain. You also need to watch out for shops that have a reputation for poor workmanship. The repair needs to be done correctly the first time.

3. Doesn’t Provide a Clear Warranty Policy
Stay away from auto repair shops that don’t provide a clear warranty policy. You could end out wasting a lot of money. If things happen to go wrong, nothing beats having the extra protection of a warranty. The parts and services should be covered for a specific amount of time. Most importantly, everything needs to be put in writing. Deceptive auto mechanics try to avoid honoring warranties, which puts car owners in a bad situation.

4. Doesn’t Save Your Old Part When Requested
When getting a repair done on your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to ask the auto mechanic to save your old parts. This shows that a new part was actually installed. Believe it or not, some automotive technicians will actually lie about making repairs. Far too many car owners fork over their hard-earned money for a job that was never done.

5. Poor Customer Service
Every customer deserves to be treated like a top priority. Unfortunately, some auto mechanics tend to put customer service on the back burner. If a mechanic shows you any form of disrespect or doesn’t communicate properly, the best approach is to take your business elsewhere. It’s obvious that they don’t value you as a customer.

6. The Cost of the Job Doesn’t Match Your Research
You should research the cost of a repair ahead of time. Avoid doing business with a shop that has labor costs that seem a lot higher than the industry standard. Always seek reasonable pricing.

7. Fails to Answer Questions In Plain Language
When asking your auto mechanic questions, they should be able to answer using plain language. They should not bombard customers with a bunch of unnecessary automotive jargon. You’ll likely leave the conversation feeling even more confused.

If you feel like your getting a bad deal, poor customer service and communication, give the ASE certified mechanics at Triangle Car Care a try!  Triangle Car Care has been serving the Raleigh area with quality auto repair services since 1969! We are a full service auto repair and service center with the facility, equipment, knowledge and staff to service and repair most makes and models of vehicles.


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