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I see a fluid leak under my car, what is it?

There are two ways to identify a fluid leak. What is the color of the fluid and what is its consistency? A fluid that is pastel blue, florescent orange, or yellowish green is an indication that your engine is overheating or that a hole in a hose, water pump, or leaky radiator is...
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I have a leak under my car. How can I tell what is leaking?

Just as the color and consistency of a leak will tell you what the fluid is, it will also help you identify from where it is coming. Fluid that is orange or green is coolant, brown or black fluid is a leak from your engine, red or pink fluid is your transmission. A light brown...
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What are the consequences of postponing maintenance?

Vehicle systems are interconnected, therefore, failure to maintain one part could lead to trouble with another part or the entire system. Recommended routine services like oil changes and coolant checks keep your car running at optimum performance. Failure to maintain these...
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If I don’t take my car to my car dealer for maintenance or repair will I void my warranty?

In 1975 Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act into law, which governs consumer warranties. Part of this law ensures consumers they will receive complete information about all warranty terms and conditions. The act makes certain your warranty cannot require you to return...
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My check engine or service engine soon light comes on. What should I do?

As a precaution, all dashboard lights illuminate when the car starts and go off when the safety test is complete. Should any light remain illuminated, you should have it checked by a qualified technician who can perform a diagnostic test. It is best not to ignore warning lights...
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Why does my vehicle’s maintenance schedule recommend so many fuel system services?

Maintaining the fuel delivery system improves your cars reliability and efficiency. Large amounts of carbon deposits tend to accumulate in fuel injection systems, catalytic converters, and intake valves. These deposits cause cars to run at a reduced level of efficiency, clog fuel...
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I have 100,000-mile spark plugs in my car. When will I need a tune-up?

The days of tune-ups are long gone. Car parts, such as carburetors and distributors, which are so highly prone to failure, were swapped out for electronic injectors and electronic ignition systems. These new parts can go anywhere from 50-100,000 miles, so make sure to ask your...
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What are all of the chemicals and fluid flushes for? Are they really necessary?

Just as joints in the human body need protecting, so too do the wear points in a vehicle require lubrication. Keeping parts and bearings well cared for will extend service life. These days, you can find a car with over 100,000 miles still running smoothly and performing well...
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Is it really necessary to replace my timing belt at the recommended interval?

Absolutely! The timing belt is a culprit of major engine damage in vehicles. Timing belt replacements are a prime example of how much time and money you can save when you make the wise choice to replace. Failure to replace will ultimately lead to you enduring a costly engine...
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What does it mean if my “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on?

Car designers have installed a number of sensors in a car that are connected to lights. When you see these lights, you can be sure there exists an engine performance or emissions issue that should be addressed. A check engine light may appear even when you feel your car is still...
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