4 Care Tips Every Lexus Owner Should Follow

April 28th, 2022
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4 Care Tips Every Lexus Owner Should Follow

Lexus automobiles are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, heightened dependability and amazing customer service to go alongside their comprehensive warranties. This leads some Lexus owners to believe that their cars are and will always be perfect. However, just like any other automobile, Lexus cars require maintenance and care. Everything from how you drive your car to how you clean it will affect how long your car lasts without running into problems. Let’s explore some care tips that every Lexus owner shoulder employ.

1. Change the Air Filter

Air filters in Lexus automobiles tend to be some of the least expensive parts. They are parts that are designed to fail in lieu of other parts, which in turn prevents the need for costly repairs.

The problem is that air filters will cause problems as they begin to fail. A clogged air filter will restrict air flow until the next component breaks the air filter, which in turn allows that component to become clogged with dust and other debris, or the component finally gives.

When either inevitability occurs, costly repairs ensue.

Care tip number one is to have your air filter changed every 6,000 miles in your Lexus.

2. Tips for Your Tires

Tires tend to be another neglected aspect of automobiles. The problem is that they greatly influence everything from fuel efficiency to how reliable your car is as it runs down the road.

Don’t wait for the “check tires” light to light up. Check your tires’ PSI levels regularly. If they need air, be sure to add just enough air to keep them within the levels stated on the tires.

If you notice any damage to the walls of the tires, wear on the treads, or your tires continually lose a large amount of air, then consider having them replaced.

3. Check the Belts

There are several belts in the average Lexus. Even the IS200t has numerous belts that make everything from the engine to the condenser unit work.

The problem is that these belts are vulnerable to wear. They will deteriorate in warm weather, rot in colder weather, and inevitably fail due to simple mechanical wear. When these components fail, catastrophic damage can occur to your vehicle’s precious engine components.

The good news is that replacing belts is a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure. Examining the belts every 25,000 miles is an excellent idea, and care tip number three. Inspecting and replacing your vehicle’s belts before they break completely helps drivers to stay ahead of vehicle problems.

4. Have Regular Service

The most important thing you can do for your Lexus is to have it regularly serviced by an experienced mechanic. From changing the transmission fluid to replacing the brakes, regular service will help to minimize the wear on the more rigid components of your car.

This helps to make your Lexus last longer while encountering fewer problems.

If you need a mechanic that you can depend on, then contact us at Triangle Car Care. We service Lexus automobiles in the Raleigh, NC area.

Our mechanics are dependable and trustworthy. We focus on fixing your problems in ways that are both efficient and reliable.

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