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Car Mechanic Shops Reveal the Top 5 Worst Mistakes Vehicle Owners Make

Car Mechanic Shops Reveal the Top 5 Worst Mistakes Vehicle Owners Make

Unfortunately, not every driver in Raleigh takes good care of their vehicle. Some people tend to put routine maintenance on the back burner. According to car mechanic shops, here are some of the worst mistakes you can make as a vehicle owner.

Car Mechanic Shops Say the Top 5 Worst Mistakes Many Drivers Make Are:

Failing to Regularly Check & Change the Oil

Be sure to check your vehicle oil at least once a month. This is especially true if you’ve surpassed the 100,000-mile mark. As some engines age, they tend to consume motor oil at a faster rate. Burning engine oil frequently causes a grey colored smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Any reputable car mechanic shop will tell you that a low oil level can be especially destructive. Because a lack of oil creates extra friction, engine wear will be accelerated. If you happen to hear a knocking sound or notice a burning smell, things may have already taken a turn for the worse. The good news is that most modern vehicles come equipped with a low oil pressure warning light.

It is VERY important to always keep up with regular oil changes for your car, truck, and SUV at your local car mechanic shop. Failing to do so, can very quickly depreciate the life of your vehicle.

Driving On E

Some drivers have a tendency to drive on E. Aside from putting you at risk of running out of gas, this bad habit can also destroy your vehicle’s fuel pump. If there’s not enough gas in the tank, the fuel pump is more prone to overheating. Not to mention significantly increasing the chances of your fuel pump sucking up any tiny contaminants or possible sludge sitting at the bottom of the fuel tank that may have accumulated over time throughout your vehicle’s life.

Replacing a fuel pump can be a big job. To complete the repair, car mechanic shops often need to lower the gas tank. This adds to the total cost of labor. You can save a lot of money by taking the necessary steps to protect your fuel pump. Never allow your gas level to drop below a quarter tank.

Attempting to Haul Too Much Weight

Even if you own a pickup truck or full-size SUV, there’s a limit of how much weight a vehicle can handle. For good reason, car repair shops stress the importance of adhering to the automaker’s maximum tow rating. Failing to do so can have some major consequences.

For starters, the excessive weight can make your vehicle more difficult to control. Overloading also puts more strain on the powertrain. When a vehicle is struggling to move a load, the engine and transmission are more at risk of overheating.

Tire Neglect

Far too many drivers neglect tire care. The condition of your tires affects handling, braking, ride quality, and traction. There are a few ways to extend the life of your tires.

Be sure to keep the tires properly inflated at all times. Even a small loss of pressure can cause premature wear. A tire rotation is another important service that should be done roughly every oil change. It’s also important to obtain a yearly wheel alignment. The car mechanic shop will need to adjust the various suspension angles and center the steering wheel.

Not Getting Your Vehicle Routinely Inspected

Every so often, your vehicle needs a multi-point inspection. The purpose of this service is to catch potential problems early. You’ll be less likely to experience an unexpected breakdown.

Among the components that need to be checked include hoses, belts, shocks, battery, and air filter. You can also expect the technicians to check for leaks. The extra peace of mind is well worth it.

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