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5 Must-Have Car Interior Accessories Upgrades

November 7th, 2019
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We spend a lot of time in our cars and trucks. Some might say they live in their vehicles. If you find yourself always on the go but your car or truck is a little lacking in functionality and comfort, you might want to consider some totally affordable interior car accessories to make your constant car-time more enjoyable. The best part is that none of these items will break the bank.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Cellphone Speaker/Answering Device

It’s 2019 and no one should be holding their cellphone while driving. The primary reason you need a Bluetooth speaker is safety. Holding a cellphone while driving is considered distracted driving. Distracted driving is dangerous, period. Also, many states have laws prohibiting a driver from using their mobile phone hands-on.

Do you avoid using Bluetooth because your calls are unclear? Then it’s time for an upgrade to your car interior accessory technology. The new versions of hands-free Bluetooth devices feature noise-canceling abilities and dual device operation. There is no longer an excuse to hold your phone next to your head while driving. Your loved ones and other drivers will thank you.

Car Interior Organizers

A messy car interior can be a thing of the past. Replace that plastic grocery/litter bag tied to the gear shift with a sleek and modern console organizer that provides space for everything you regularly travel with. There are high-end options made of leather and budget-friendly models that will quickly tidy up the inside of your ride.
Organizers are not just for looks, either.

Again, safety is a concern when you have a lot of loose items laying on the floorboard or front seat. Any sudden stop can turn a stray soda can into a missile. Missiles suddenly flying around your car as you are driving is something to avoid. Corral all those stray objects with a stylish stasher.

Don’t forget your passengers and the cargo area. If you have kids that you are constantly shuttling between games or school, there are organizers to round-up their gear, hold entertainment devices and help to prevent spills.

Keeping your cargo or hatch area clean and functional is also easier because of the many storage options. Gone can be the day of milk crates as organizers. Modern cargo storage is not only better looking, but it is also more functional with accommodations for specific items, even thermal options for the usual grocery run.


Car-Seat Protectors Specifically For Pet Travel

If you regularly let your pets ride in your car or truck, a back-seat protector is a necessity. Most attach in some way to the back-seat headrests for a secure fit. Further, this amazing car interior accessory rolls up easily when not in use. Freeing up that your back-seat can be used for human passengers without you having to apologize for Snuggle’s or Fluffy’s furry accessorizing.

Be sure to look for a protector that is machine washable so that clean-up between trips is easy. Again, for safety reasons, always put your fur-babies in the back-seat when driving. Your precious cargo will thank you.

Seat Covers and Sunshades To Protect Your Car’s Interior

You might be wondering why these two must-have items are grouped together. The simple answer is that removable seat covers and sunshades protect the car interior which helps with trade-in or resale value. Let’s not forget the style and pop of personality these workhorse accessories bring to your ride.

By the way, if you think because you don’t live in a sunny area a windshield sunscreen is not necessary, you might want to rethink that idea. UV rays are ever-present and can be damaging on the shadiest of days.

Available in hundreds of colors and styles covers and sun protectors can even be customized to your favorite team or hobbies such as dog breed. The options are almost endless. Even if you plan to hold on to your vehicle for decades, the protection of your car interior is something you probably want to invest in. In terms of “bang-for-your-buck” value, these two will pay for themselves within a year.

Car Interior Atmosphere Control

Long gone are the days when our only option for a good-smelling vehicle was one of those famous tree deodorizers. From inconspicuous vent clips to diffusers that can dispense your favorite essential oil, car air fresheners have upped their game. You can even adjust the level of humidity in your car cabin on those cold, dry days of winter.

Another thing to consider that will help maintain that smell-good car interior is to regularly replace your in-cabin air filter. The air inside your car is recycled and after days of hauling kids, pets and fast-food, changing the air filter will help maintain a healthy and pleasant environment. Everyone should appreciate the extra effort.

We hope we have inspired you to consider some accessories you might not have before or upgrading to more functional versions of those you find vital. Whether you have long commutes or just run quick errands, you deserve to travel in comfort and safety.



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