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3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have

May 23rd, 2022
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3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have

Having the perfect import vehicle tends to be about more than just the make of car that you drive. Certain features make a car considerably more valuable.

The trick is that some of those valuable features may be available in the form of aftermarket add-ons. These car accessories are designed to make your car more convenient to use, to add new functions, or to make driving your car safer for both you and your passengers.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have auto add-ons for anyone whom desires to make the most out of their import vehicle.

1. Dual Audio and Video

If your car has room for more than one row of people, then chances are that you’ll likely have4 back-seat passengers. They may desire to watch or listen to something different than the passenger in your front seat, which can act as a cause for arguments.

Dual audio and video allows your rear passengers to watch or listen to something different. This can keep the peace while making your import feel more luxurious.

2. Electric Pedal Extenders

Some imports are designed for people for taller drivers. This causes shorter buyers to have a more difficult time reaching the pedals, which in turn requires that they sit closer to the steering wheel.

This can pose a safety hazard, as airbag safety systems are not meant to deploy at this distance.

Electric pedal extenders work to extend the pedals of a car. They allow for a more comfortable fit, which in turn ensures that the vehicle is safer for you to drive.

3. A Refrigerator/Freezer

People with imports tend to have numerous duties outside of their personal life. These responsibilities may require them to take trips to distant places, which in turn increases the amount of time that they spend on the road.

A refrigerator/freezer combo can help to make longer trips more affordable and comfortable. This accessory can keep food and drinks cold, which in turn can help to ensure that you have all the supplies necessary for your day-to-day trips.

Making Your Import Vehicle More Functional for Your Lifestyle

Accessories for your import vehicle aren’t limited to those listed above. You may find that backup cameras, gentle lift gates, drowsiness detectors and anti-theft devices add more functionality and comfort to your car.

But no matter how many gadgets you have on your car it still requires regular maintenance. When you’re in need of auto repair in Raleigh NC area contact Triangle Car Care for all your needs.

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