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5 Maintenance Tips to Boost Your Car’s Value

January 30th, 2018
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Purchasing a car, truck, SUV, or work vehicle is a significant investment of your financial resources and of a commitment made over time if you choose to finance the cost of the purchase. While you may plan on driving your vehicle for the next decade, life events – like the birth of a new baby – or business changes often happen that necessitate trading in or selling your current vehicle to purchase a new vehicle that fits your needs and priorities. Whether your current vehicle was purchased new or used, there are several Maintenance tips to boost the resale value of your vehicle.

1. Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

One of the best ongoing investments you can make in your vehicle’s value, reliability, and safety is to meet the regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. Some of these maintenance tasks are smaller scale than others, such as changing the oil and oil filter at the manufacturer’s scheduled intervals. Other maintenance tasks require a more involved process and the replacement of different critical parts, such as brakes and brake pads. Regular service appointments for maintenance intervals also gives your automotive technician the chance to inspect your vehicle for any emergent problems or issues, giving you the chance to make repairs or replace parts before they fail or cause safety issues.

2. Records

As you have your vehicle regularly serviced, meeting the manufacturer’s mileage intervals for maintenance and replacement of key systems and components, keeping reliable and easily accessible records of the service you have had done is vital for your vehicle’s value for trade-in or resale. Service records allow buyers or dealerships to easily view the history of your vehicle and see the time and money you have invested in keeping it in top condition. Building a relationship with one automotive service shop allows you to request copies of service records from them as needed.

3. Clean and Protect the Interior

While you don’t need to go to the extreme level of covering your vehicle’s seats with clear plastic, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and free of stains and scratches will increase its value at trade-in or resale. Make it a point to regularly vacuum your vehicle’s floors and upholstered surfaces, and use auto interior conditioning products to clean the surfaces of your interior. Opting to use heavy duty floor mats for work vehicles or family vehicles instead of the factory installed floor mats can also be a smart choice, allowing you to keep the factory mats clean and in storage until the time comes when you wish to trade-in or sell your vehicle.

4. Clean and Protect the Exterior

Just as you should focus on keeping the interior of your vehicle clean on a regular basis, keeping the exterior paint and body of your vehicle in top condition will give it that showroom gleam when the time comes for you to trade-in or sell it. If possible, store your vehicle in a garage to keep it out of the elements. If you do not have access to a garage, consider investing in a fitted cover to protect your vehicle’s paint from the long-term effects of ultraviolet rays and rain. Don’t overlook small dings, scratches, or dents as well; while they may not impact the reliability of your vehicle’s engine and performance, they do detract from the look of your vehicle’s exterior and will negatively impact your value.

5. Tires

If you are considering trading in or selling your vehicle and the tires are showing wear and tear or nearing the end of their lifespan, consider investing the money in replacing the tires with new tires to increase your value. New tires not only offer many thousands of miles of driving to the new owner or the dealership, but they also add visual curb appeal to your vehicle’s exterior.

While many of these simple steps can and should be part of your regular auto care routine at home, scheduled maintenance and repairs require the advanced skills of a certified professional auto mechanic. At Triangle Car Care, we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to provide the best car for your vehicle, offering Tech-Net Professional Auto Service performed by ASE Certified technicians and our commitment to guaranteeing your satisfaction. We offer a full range of automotive services and repairs for all makes and models. Contact us today and let us earn your business by providing you with a pleasant, friendly, and thorough automotive service experience.

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