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3 Problems with Your Ford Fusion that You Can Prevent

November 3rd, 2016
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The  Ford Fusion has been hailed by customers and automotive reviewers as one of the best cars of 2017. It’s dependable, affordable and fuel-efficient. It’s everything that most people could ask for when they’re looking for a mid-size car capable of seating five people and carrying a trunk full of groceries home.

This doesn’t make the Ford Fusion immune from automotive problems, hiccups and breakdowns. This model is more prone to certain issues than other automobiles, which in turn can make it a headache if you don’t maintain your car properly.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems with the Ford Fusion and how you can prevent them from hindering your automobile.

1. Engine Stalls and Hesitation

One of the most prevalent problems with the Ford Fusion is an engine that stalls, hesitates or performs inconsistently. This problem is that this problem could have catastrophic repercussion that could result in injury to yourself and any passengers and incredibly costly repairs to your car.

The worst part, however, is that these engine stalls can be prevented in most cases.

The most reliable way to fix engine stalling with the Ford Fusion is to have the throttle body replaced. The positioning sensor may also need to be replaced to ensure reliable function.

If the issue persists after having this work done, then something more may be faulty with the engine or it may have become damaged as the result of defects present with the throttle body. Having the engine overhauled, preferably while it’s still under warranty, is the best option in these cases.

2. Loss of Electricity While Driving

Another serious problem drivers encounter in the Ford Fusion is a complete loss of electricity while driving. In older cars, this would be less of a problem as the car could continue to function independently of electricity.

The Ford Fusion requires power to operate everything from the lights to the brakes. A loss of electricity could spell disaster, especially when you take into account that vital systems like the fuel injection use electricity to calculate fuel-to-air ratios and other necessary tasks.

This problem can be similar to the last one. By replacing the throttle body and appropriate sensors, it’s possible to prevent a loss of electricity. Other drivers have noted that a change of the battery or the alternator has remedied this problem.

If your Ford Fusion hasn’t been examined for these problems, then now is the time to do it. Remedying a potential electrical issue is best done before it has serious consequences.

3. Drivetrain Jerks and Stutters

The drivetrain transfers the power that comes from the engine to the wheels that drive the car. When this part fails to function properly, the car may not drive smoothly or at all.

Issues with the  Ford Fusion’s drivetrain system can cause everything from stutters and jerks to the inability to drive the vehicle.

This problem is commonly resolved by having the entire drivetrain system overhauled. This is labor-intensive work that requires much of the car to be disassembled, which in turn means that it is work best left to a skilled mechanic.

If you haven’t encountered problems with your drivetrain system, then it is a good idea to have your Ford Fusion’s drivetrain system inspected.

Don’t Let These Common Ford Fusion Problems Stop You

The Ford Fusion is an amazing piece of machinery that will remain dependable so long as you care for it. While problems with this model are relatively new, a skilled mechanic can help you avoid them by keeping your car tuned up.

To schedule an appointment with one of the mechanics at Triangle Car Care, contact us by calling (919) 787-0966 or using our website to request an appointment online. Just like our many satisfied clients, you will be able to depend on us to repair your automobile for a price that you can afford.

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