3 Car Services to Have Done to Start the New Year Right

June 28th, 2022
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car service 3 Car Services to Have Done to Start the New Year Right

A new year is an exciting time, but it also means winter is in full-effect. It’s not exactly the perfect time to need unexpected car services. With many people presumably recouping from holiday expenses, auto repair is probably the last thing on many people’s minds, but unfortunately, vehicle durability doesn’t depend on the owner’s schedule. Here are three car services to think about having done or at least checked before anything goes wrong.

    1. Brake Repair: It goes without saying, but brakes are pretty important, especially in potentially slippery winter conditions. The condition of your brakes can vary greatly depending on your driving habits and type of vehicle. For example, you use your brakes a lot more in urban driving than on a rural highway, so even the same kind of car could need repair at different times.If you drive only 8,000 miles a year driving around cities such as New York, you’ll need to replace brake pads more often than someone who drives 28,000 miles a year across the flatlands of Nebraska. Even determining when to change brake fluid can vary significantly. Some manufacturers recommend two years, others every 30,000 miles, and some don’t offer any suggestions at all. The best thing to do is bring your vehicle to a car service specialist and find out for sure.
    1. Windshield Repair: If good brakes are the top mechanical priority in the winter, a sound windshield has to be one of the top physical priorities. Even small windshield cracks can quickly evolve into bigger spiderwebs or ever completely shatter in some conditions.
    1. Car Inspection: A car inspection is an annual occurrence for most drivers, but getting it done at the start of a new year is a good way to not only ensure you have sound automotive footing, but also a great way to remember to get it done. The average consumer will spend about $27 a month on a new car, which is about the cost of an inspection in most states. Take care of this early in the year and avoid a potential fine later on.

Even in locations such as North Carolina, it’s important to make sure your car is running optimally in the wintertime because you never know what the weather — or your vehicle itself — will bring with it in the new year.

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