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Lexus repair

Lexus vehicles are synonymous with luxury. They have comfortable and sturdy cabins, incredibly smooth rides and engines that are nearly silent. The best part about Lexus cars, however, is the fact that they are backed by their reliable parent company, Toyota. This gives them a high degree of durability and reliability that minimizes the amount of repairs that they will need to undergo. This does not, however, leave them without a need for regular maintenance and the occasional repair. At Triangle Car Care, we specialize in servicing Lexus vehicles and repairing any problems that your Lexus might have.

Let’s take a brief look at some problems that affect Lexus automobiles in general and some specific Lexus models.

Common Problems that Lexus Vehicles Encounter

While Lexus vehicles are engineered to minimize maintenance and repairs, things can go wrong with them. These problems may range from small nuisances to major mechanical problems that could affect the safety and reliability of your car.

Below are some problems that tend to affect Lexus vehicles:

  • Discolored Parts – Certain parts may become discolored as they sit in the sun. The rear view mirrors are the most prone to this issue. While it is generally cosmetic, it can affect your ability to use the mirror. Our technicians can install revised parts that do not experience discoloration.
  • Clicking and Knocking Sounds – The brake systems of certain Lexus automobiles may produce a clicking or knocking sound as the brake actuator begins to degrade. We can install a new brake actuator while ensuring that your brake pads and rotors are still reliable.
  • Failing Alternators – The alternator in your car is meant to top your battery off. When it begins to fail, your car may be unable to start. We can replace your alternators, check your electrical system, and replace faulty batteries to ensure your car remains dependable.

    Problems Specific to Certain Lexus Models

    While the previous problems are common in most Lexus vehicles, the following ones are not. They affect certain models due to inherent problems with the parts they use.

    The oxygen sensor in 2012 to 2015 Lexus sedans, including the IS and LS, may fail. This can cause the check engine light to periodically flash on the dashboard. We can replace the failed oxygen sensor while checking your fuel injectors and the rest of your engine for the proper gas-air ratio.

    The Lexus IS series, which primarily includes the IS350, may illuminate the check engine light. This can result in error codes such as P0751 and P2714. These errors may be false positives. Our technicians can replace your powertrain control module (PCM) with a revised version that eliminates these errors.

    The Lexus LS600h might experience an issue where the supplemental restraint system (SRS) forces a warning light to illuminate. Our technicians can restore functionality to the SRS system and eliminate the problem by replacing a section of the wiring harness behind the dash.

    Servicing and Repairing All Lexus Models

    At Triangle Car Care, we specialize in servicing all models of Lexus vehicles. This includes older vehicles and newer models.

    Below is a brief list of the newer Lexus automobiles we repair:

    • Lexus coupes, including: the IS C and RC.
    • Lexus sedans, including models such as: ES, IS, ES Hybrid, GS, GS Hybrid, LS and LS Hybrid.
    • Lexus sport vehicles, such as the RC F and LFA.
    • Lexus SUVs, including models such as: GX, LX, NX and RX.

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