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Acura repair

Acura specializes in delivering luxurious automobiles rich with features. Owned by its parent company Honda, these cars focus on bringing more features to drivers while offering the low maintenance costs and reliability of Honda automobiles.

Though Acura automobiles are designed to require less maintenance, they still require the help of a trained technician when they encounter certain problems.

Below are some of the more common issues that owners of Acura automobiles face. We have included some details on these problems, as well as how our technicians at Triangle Car Care can repair Acura problems.

Acura-Specific Problems

Though Acura automobiles are designed to be more luxurious versions of the Honda automobiles, they still have certain aspects that can create unique problems. These can affect everything from the comfort of the driver and passengers to causing mechanical breakdown within the car.

Let’s examine some of the issues that tend to be specific to Acura cars as a whole.

Below is a short list of problems Acura vehicles tend to present:

  • Transmission Issues – The automatic transmission in Acura cars tends to malfunction more often than with similar cars. Replacing the transmission, connected electrical components and serving that car’s brain may be required. Our technicians can perform these services after pinpointing the cause of transmission problems.
  • Shuddering, Shaking and Other Vibrations at Moderate Speeds – Acura vehicles tend to develop shaking and other problems when traveling between 35 and 40 miles per hour. A faulty transmission torque converter is often at fault when this occurs. We can replace the converter and install an updated powertrain control module to remedy the cause of this problem and its effects.
  • Difficulty Starting – The timing belt and/or fuel pump relay tends to fail in Acura automobiles This can result in difficulty starting the automobile or a complete inability of the car to turn over. We can replace the timing belt and fuel pump while looking for other related problems.

Model-Specific Issues Affecting Acura Vehicles

There are also issues that tend to affect certain Acura models. These problems tend to be more severe, as they typically affect the mechanical components that allow the car’s engine to run and the car to operate safely.

In the Acura MDXs, debris may collect within the transmission. These can cause the torque converter clutch to fail, which can cause further damage to the transmission. We can replace the torque converter clutch, and rebuild or replace the transmission if it is damaged.

The EGR valve or EVAP solenoid can also fail in the Acura MDX. This can force the check engine light to illuminate. If left unrepaired, this can cause engine problems further down the road. Replacing these components is an effective solution to this problem.

What Acura Models Do We Repair?

At Triangle Car Care, we specialize in repairing old and new Acura automobiles. We are capable of diagnosing and repairing most problems, including problems that occur in:

  • Acura sedans, including: ILX, RLX and TLX models.
  • Acura crossovers and SUVs, including: MDX and RDX models.

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